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Why health tourism in Iran?

Iran has long been one of the most important centers for the development of medical knowledge, and none of the traditional medical schools has been as comprehensive and thorough as traditional Iranian medical schools. Iran provides high quality hospitals, health centers, medical centers, experienced doctors, and trained personnel team with high reputation in the region. The country has about 190 hospitals licensed to operate in the field of international medical services and provide high quality medical and treatment services. The Iranian medical system has about 200,000 active doctor members who have completed intensive medical training and after completing the other side courses have started working as physicians. Undoubtedly, there are few countries with such capacities and competitive advantages in the region and in the world; and this has led many patients from neighboring countries to travel to Iran at a much affordable costs than their country for many medical purposes and therapies such as
  • IVF packages,
  • dentistry
  • cosmetic surgery
  • ophthalmology
  • internal medicine diseases,
  • cardiovascular diseases(even open-heart surgery)
  • oncology
  • spinal cord and neurology
  • neurosurgery
  • Full checkups and many more
Iran is one of the few countries that offer the best hospitals, treatment centers and high quality facilities and that is superior in the region and the world. Although maybe the country has failed in the field of marketing and advertising its capabilities to the world, it has a clear vision and policy to promote and develop this sector in the future.
Moreover, Iran is by far the country with a wide variety in every respect. The variety of climates (Iran is known as the country of four seasons), the variety of natural attractions, historical and cultural monuments, the ethnic groups and communities, and the vast geographical area in which you always have the option of experiencing the four season vibe.  Iran is famous worldwide due to this wide variety. Iran also has a deep and long history and cultural roots and is one of the three areas where human civilization has emerged from. Contrary to the misconceptions and activities of some of the media trying to create an insecure image of Iran, it is actually a very safe and healthy country and the people are very kind and hospitable; the tourism and travel experience to people who have visited this destination says it all.

In short, Due to:

  1. The variety of medical & wellness services and tourism destinations and infrastructure,
  2. Comfort, low cost and high quality of medical services,
  3. Experienced, educated and famous doctors,

Iran is an ideal destination for treatment seekers abroad.

The Cost of Tourism Services in Iran

Knowing about the cost of treatment in Iran is just one puzzle piece of medical travel abroad. Just as you decipher this puzzle, you will find out that Iran is how more attractive and competitive in terms of medical travel than other countries.
In order to determine the exact cost of medical tourism, one should be aware of the other additional costs, such as flight to Iran, residence, unexpected costs, interpreter fees, the cost of commuting and etc. to have a correct understanding and comparison of the subject. Hospitals in Iran rarely announce their health care costs, but the cost of medical treatment and health care is fixed in the form of relative values ​​of medical measures by the government.  However, due to the very low value of the Iranian currency to the US dollar, the special conditions and other peripheral services for international patients, these fixed costs are at a very low level and they do not cover hospital costs. Therefore, the cost of medical treatment in Iran for international patients is set at a maximum twice as high as the fixed cost, which is still lower than the costs compared to other competitors and target markets, which will be discussed in more detail.
Of course, it is necessary to know that if private hospitals of Iran have already announced their costs on their official sites and the patient or facilitator company viewed and compared it with other centers and hospitals and decided to conclude a health care contract with the hospital and purchase a service, no legal issue is addressed to the hospitals and medical centers even if they receive a higher cost than the established rates in Iran.
Even if the cost of treatment in Iran is doubled, it still is 40% lower compared to the Western European countries, 65% compared to the United States, and between 20% and 30% compared to countries neighboring Iran, such as Iraq, Azerbaijan, Oman and Afghanistan. On the other hand, due to the depreciation of the Iranian Rial, travel and food purchasing in Iran is very cost-effective for tourists.
If we want to go into the details of the tourism health package for a specific service such as a nose job in Iran for a country like England, we will notice a huge difference in expenses:
  • The cost of nose job in Tehran, assuming doubling the cost is between $ 700 and $ 1,100 depending on the hospital and doctor,
  • In Iran, the cost of staying at a 4-star hotel is $ 30- $ 35 per night.
  • Tehran-London flight is an average of $ 410,
  • The visa costs between 50 and 70 dollars,
  • A private interpreter’s fee for a 4-day trip is between $ 250 to $ 400,
  • The cost of translating medical reports is between $ 5 and $ 10 per page,
  • A single serving in a luxury restaurant in Tehran is $ 16,
  • The average fare of a taxi per shift, for example, from Tehran International  Airport to the Erfan Private Hospital, is $ 2.7.
That is, if you want to apply for a cosmetic nose job package from London to Tehran, for a 4-day tour in a private hospital, it costs between $ 1,850 and $ 2,200 which is much lower than countries such as Turkey, India, and the England itself.  In addition, highly qualified doctors and hospitals offer high quality and special services for international patients.
Another important question is whether the patient needs a follow-up or a specialist in the hospital. As a medical tourist, it is important that if you are charged for this issue, or if you have to go back to Iran several times or stay in Iran for some time, you should consider these costs and calculate them, which, of course, will not be high in Iran.

What Cities or Hospitals Are Proper for International Health Services in Iran?

The choice of a city or hospital in Iran depends on the condition of the patient, the treatment needs and patient interests. If you need advice or assistance, the International Healthcare Association can assist you in choosing the hospital that meets your medical needs and level of care. Page club lists the best hospitals in the field of international patients, all of which are licensed by the Iranian Ministry of Health for health tourism.

Insurance for International Patients in Iran

It can almost be said that none of the private hospitals in Iran are contracting with international insurance companies.

The Status of Payment in Iran

Iran faces difficulties in terms of international payments and the use of credit cards due to the difficulties encountered by the sanctions imposed by the United States. Note that when you decide to travel to Iran, be sure to check with the service provider or hospital or facilitator about the payment mechanism. Carry with yourself at least enough cash to pay for your travel package details. Of course, it’s important to know that for most of the hospitals and companies active in this field it is possible to receive money in other countries.

The Status of Medical Treatment Visa in Iran

To apply for a medical treatment visa to Iran, you can obtain a confirmation from a valid medical treatment or medical center to obtain this visa . The cost of the treatment visa is typically between $ 60 and $ 80 which varies depending on the origin country. The important thing is that a passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure to obtain a t visa.

Climate in Iran

The climate tourism index of Iran has a large variety throughout the year. The indicator shows that in the winter months, the southern regions of the country, such as Kish, Shiraz, Ahwaz, etc., are in great condition. The favorable tourism condition goes down in the northern regions and it is especially not very impressive in Tehran. In the spring months, the northern half of the country is enjoying favorable tourism conditions. In the summer months, with the exception of the northwestern and northeastern regions that are in good condition, there are relatively unfavorable conditions throughout the country.
These conditions, however, can be of no worry for those medical tourists who are not interested in tourism programs in Iran (such as adventure tours or nature tourism) and are more likely to be settled in the hospital or hotel; these centers are equipped with cooling and air conditioning is not a worry.
In the autumn months, the southern half of the country has good condition, although the northern coast of the country is in a good position earlier this season.

Email and Internet status in Iran

Email and Internet are widely used in hospitals, hotels and restaurants in almost all Iranian cities.

The Quality of Hospitals in Iran

The quality of private hospitals in Iran is high and often those licensed by the IPD or the INTERNATIONAL PATIENT DEPARTEMENT offer world-class standards of service to patients. An important and distinct point about Iran’s private hospitals is that these hospitals have a separate department to offer services for international patients. International patients are treated in a special way and in equipped rooms with experienced and trained staff with intercultural communication skills, who are familiar with English and often Arabic and Russian with credible certificates.
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