Iran Medical Visa

Iran Medical Visa

Iran Medical Tours is a respected medical facilitator in Iran for people seeking physicians, hospitals, and specialist therapies. For you, we will identify the best medical solutions. Our staff will provide you with a list of licensed, recognized, and trustworthy physicians and medical facilities for your medical needs. Additionally, we provide a cost-effective treatment plan. Aside from that, we help patients with a wide range of other things, like getting travel permissions and Iran medical visas.
Many tourists worldwide travel annually to Iran to receive various medical and health services.
Iran Medical Visa or T Visa is one of the 12 types of Iranian visas for travelers who travel to Iran for cosmetic, health, or medical services. It allows health tourists to travel to Iran with a companion. Moreover, through Iran Medical Visa, visitors can take sick leave.

Visa-free Travel to Iran

The good news is that the nationals of the countries listed below can travel to Iran without a visa!
The countries exempted from applying for Iran visas include the following:
Armenia / Azerbaijan / Bahrain / Belarus / Bolivia / Bosnia & Herzegovina / Brazil / Brunei / Cambodia / China / Croatia / Cuba / Egypt / Georgia/ India / Indonesia / Japan / Kazakhstan / Kuwait / Kyrgyzstan / Lebanon / Malaysia / Mauritania / Mauritius / Mexico / Oman / Peru / Qatar / Russia / Saudi Arabia / Serbia / Seychelles / Singapore / Syria / Tajikistan / Tanzania / Tunisia / UAE / Turkey / Uzbekistan / Venezuela / Vietnam / Zimbabwe

How to Apply for an Iran Medical Visa?

Iran Medical Tours will assist you in obtaining your visa for Iran, be it a medical visa, a cosmetic treatment visa, or a visitor visa, in the shortest possible time.
Based on the country you live in, it may take any time between 2 to 7 business days to receive your visa authorization code.

How to Get an Iran Treatment Visa or Iran Visitor Visa?

Please take the following steps if you wish us to handle your visa for Iran:
1- Fill out the visa form & requested documents
2- Pay the service fee
3- Receive the authorization code by email
4- Collect your visa from the Iran embassy in your country or any international airport in Iran.
 Below, you will find how we would obtain your visa for Iran, step by step:

1- Sending Documents

Iran Visa Requirements

You need to provide the documents below:
A) An image of the first page of your passport (which must have at least 6 months validity from the time of visa application and 2 blank pages);
B) New passport-size photo;
C) Completed application form including:
  • Current residence (home) address;
  • Home phone number;
  • Mobile number;
  • Email address;
  • Estimated date of your arrival
  • (Resume for the US, UK, and Canadian citizens)
D) A letter from a doctor indicating the need for treatment; The IPD letter indicates that the patient has a health problem and wants to be treated in Iran. It can be issued by doctors or hospitals depending on the planned treatment. This may involve some medical consultation and a review of your medical documents. This service adds to your visa processing fee.
E) Images of the relevant medical records;
Please always check the required documents with the consulate, as there may be differences from one consulate to another.

2- Service Fee

The service fee is based on all services you receive from us. It is different from the visa fee you pay to the consulate. For more information contact us.

3- Receiving Authorization Code

As soon as we receive your documents, information, and receipt of payment of the service fee, we will submit your application to Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). You will usually receive the Authorization Code within 2 to 7 business days from the date of the submission of your request (For British, Canadian, and American citizens this process takes 3 business weeks to 3 months).
Iran Visa Authorization Code or Iran Visa Tracking Code or Iran Visa Reference Code is your Iran visa approval number which is issued by Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to facilitate your Iran visa issuance.
The code is only valid for a month from the date of issue.

4- Collecting Your Visa from an Iranian Embassy/Consulate in Your Country or Iranian International Airports

Once your Visa Authorization Code is issued, we will send it to you so that you can go to the nearest Iranian embassy/consulate with your documents in hand to receive your visa or take your flight to an international airport in Iran and receive it there right away without waiting in a queue. Check with us to determine if you are a citizen of one of the nations who can receive a visa on arrival at the airport.
Iran Medical Visa is valid for 45 days and can be extended according to the doctor’s order. (It could be extended 2 times, for another 30 days, each time.)

Iran Medical Visa for American, British, and Canadian Nationals

If you were born outside of Canada, the UK, and the USA and have a passport from these 3 countries, the Iran medical visa process is shorter than a tourist visa.

Why Get an Iran Visa in Advance?

No Risk! There will be no possibility of rejection at the airport.
Moreover, you will protect yourself from any delay, inconvenience, or potential deportation. You will, therefore, travel with peace of mind and will avoid any extra financial costs.
To request a visa to Iran, submit your request here and we will assist you through the whole process of the Iran visa application to get your visa in the shortest possible time.
Please let us know if the visa collection process was straightforward. Your feedback will help us upgrade our services. We will support you from the first moment you plan to travel to Iran until you go back home and even after that if a follow-up is needed. Feel free to contact us for any questions or assistance.


Please note that Thursdays and Fridays are weekend days in Iran. Weekends as well as public holidays are not counted as working days for the process. To see the list of Iranian public holidays click here.
British, American, and Canadian citizens are required to be escorted by a government-approved guide at all times.


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