Cost of IVF Treatment in Iran

IVF is used as a method of infertility treatment in many advanced centers around the world to treat couples’ infertility problems. The basis of this method is the fertilization of the egg in the laboratory so that the sperm and the egg are placed next to each other and combined together outside the body. In this article, you can learn more about the IVF cost in Iran, compare IVF cost in Iran with other countries, and other things about IVF in Iran.
Infertility treatment centers in Iran, as leading centers in infertility research and treatment, also use IVF to treat many infertile couples. While the quality of services in Iran’s infertility treatment centers is in line with the world’s advanced centers, the cost of IVF treatment in Iran is lower than many treatment centers in the world and the Middle East.
Low IVF prices along with high-quality medical services have caused infertile couples in many different countries, including Iraq, Oman, Syria, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, Pakistan, Australia, Canada, the Republic of Azerbaijan, etc.  Travel to Iran and use IVF and other fertility services such as sex determination.
Infertility treatment in iran

How is IVF performed in Iran?

Infertility is a problem that some couples face and can have many causes. Today; there are many treatments for infertility. IVF is one of the most effective methods of infertility treatment that many infertile couples use to have children.
The IVF process has several steps that must be followed step by step. In the first step, the specialist doctor prescribes drugs to stimulate the woman’s ovaries to release more eggs, and increasing the number of eggs released increases the chances of fertility.
Next, sperm and eggs were removed from the body of a man and a woman during a specific process. Sperm are washed and tested in the laboratory, and high-quality sperm that are more motile is selected.
The collected eggs are in vitro fertilized with selected sperm and the first embryonic cell is formed. The formed embryos are prepared for transfer to the mother’s body after several stages of cell division. In the last step, one or more quality embryos are transferred to the mother’s uterus with special tools during the outpatient operation so that the pregnancy process continues as a normal pregnancy in the mother’s uterus.
If the number of quality embryos is greater than the number of embryos transferred to the mother’s uterus, the couple will freeze the remaining embryos for subsequent pregnancies with expert advice.

Why is Iran a good destination for infertility treatment and IVF?

  1. Iranian rich background and experience in infertility treatment and IVF: Iran, along with the leading countries in the world, has made great improvements in the field of infertility treatment and today is one of the most successful countries in the world in using IVF. The first Iranian baby born from IVF is a girl who was born in Yazd in 1990, and since then, many babies are born in Iran every year by IVF. 30 years of experience in performing IVF in Iran and performing thousands of IVF operations have made Iranian fertility doctors gain a lot of experience in infertility treatment.
  2. High-quality infertility treatment services in Iran: Infertility treatment centers in Iran always use advanced equipment and innovations for infertility treatment. Iranian physicians also learn infertility treatment methods according to international standards. Therefore, the quality of infertility and IVF treatment services in Iran is at a high level. This has made the success rate of IVF in Iran similar to the best infertility treatment centers in the world.
  3. A success rate similar to that of the world’s top centers: The success rate of IVF in reputable Iranian clinics is significant, stable, and comparable to the best centers in the world. The success rate of IVF for women under 35 is about 40%, and even if the conditions and environment of the mother’s uterus are favorable, the success rate will be higher.
The quality of medical services with low costs: The cost of IVF treatment in Iran is lower than in other countries in the Middle East and even the world. This is due to the low cost of medical treatment in Iran compared to many European, American, and even Indian countries. The low cost of infertility treatment in Iran, while the quality of services provided in Iran is comparable to the quality of services provided in the best medical centers in the world.

The success rate of IVF in Iran

IVF is one of the most effective methods available among infertility treatment technologies. In this method, depending on the problem of each couple, the couple’s own eggs and sperm or other people’s eggs, sperm or embryos may be used. In some cases where a woman’s uterus does not have favorable conditions for accepting the fetus, surrogacy may be used. Ways to boost sperm quality and increase fertility in men: How to increase sperm quality.
Various factors can affect the success of infertility treatments, especially IVF. Maternal age is one of the most important and influential factors in IVF. Female eggs are very sensitive and complex cells that gradually lose their quality and function irreversibly as they age. After the age of 35 years, a woman’s fertility decreases rapidly. In addition, with increasing age; the risk of
implantation of the fetus in the uterus is reduced.
The average success rate of IVF in Iran for women under 35 years is about 40%, and with increasing age, it reaches about 10% in women over 40 years. The success rate can be increased to some extent if the conditions and environment of the mother’s uterus are favorable.
Our trustful Iranian infertility specialists will review your condition and laboratory tests, suggest the most effective treatment that suits you, and throughout the treatment process, they provide empathetic care and support for you.
We are at your service by providing the most up-to-date services for infertility treatment, IVF, egg donation, surrogacy, etc.

The Costs of IVF Treatment in Iran

Before starting infertility treatment, couples should talk to a specialist several times to check the couple’s condition. It is also necessary to perform tests and diagnostic procedures requested by the doctor.
According to them, the doctor can determine the appropriate treatment process for the couple.
Therefore, part of the cost of IVF is related to a doctor’s visit, fertility tests for women, and diagnostic procedures such as Imaging of the uterus. Couples must go through the stages of ovulation stimulation, egg retrieval, sperm retrieval, fertility, and embryo transfer before starting the IVF treatment process. Part of the IVF cost is also spent on getting medicine and doing these steps.
Totally, one-third of the costs are related to medications, one-third to operations such as egg retrieval and embryo transfer, and the other third to visits, tests, and other paraclinical services.
Due to the fact that the cost of treatment in Iran is lower than in many countries in the world and the region, infertility treatment services, despite their high quality and similar to reputable centers around the world have less cost.
The cost of IVF treatment in 2023 in different centers in Iran is slightly different, but in general, the cost of a complete IVF cycle in Iran is between 2,500 to 3,000 dollars.
In the table below, you can compare the price of IVF in Iran with the price of IVF in several other countries.
The cost of IVF in the United States
The cost of IVF in Iran
The cost of IVF in India
The cost of IVF in Thailand
The cost of IVF in Mexico
The cost of IVF in Oman
The cost of IVF in Emirate
The cost of IVF in Turkey
Iranian infertility treatment specialists, by reviewing your condition and tests, suggest the most effective treatment that is right for you and provides you with empathetic care and support during the treatment process. You can contact us for a free consultation with specialized doctors or plan a medical trip to Iran.
All infertility treatment services are provided to you in the best IVF centers in Iran. We are waiting for you.
For more information about infertility and IVF treatment in Iran, the admission process, and infertility treatment, you can contact us.
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