Iran Medical Visa for Pakistani Nationals

Most Pakistanis visit Iran for medical treatment especially different kinds of transplantation which is a very expensive surgery in Pakistan or even India while the same surgery in Iran costs much less. Here, you will find out about the process and requirements for Iran Medical Visa for Pakistanis.
  • Individuals seeking medical treatment in Iran should apply for an Iran medical visa.
  • Applicants must select reputable, recognized, and specialized Iranian hospitals.
  • The patient traveling to Iran can be accompanied by two medical blood-related attendants.
  • A non-exhaustive list of medical procedures that are covered by the medical visa includes cardiac treatment, neurology treatment, organ transplants, cosmetic procedures, and treatment for congenital defects and disorders.

What Do You Mean by the Term “Medical Visa”?

  1. A medical visa is a kind of visa that allows the holder to enter a nation to receive medical treatment.
  2. Many patients from all over the world travel to receive treatment in foreign countries. This could be because some surgical treatments/therapies are not available or are very expensive in their home country or because they want to consult a certain specialist who is based in another country.
  3. Medical visas usually allow for short-term stays to cover the duration of treatment.
  4. Companion visas are also issued by some countries to patient’s companions (usually friends, family members, or carers).
  5. Medical companions in other countries are granted a different type of visa.
  6. Various countries also grant multipurpose visas and travel authorizations that cover both medical and non-medical visits, such as tourism.

How to Get an Iran Medical Visa?

Depending on the country, there are two ways of acquiring a visa for medical purposes:
  • Some regions have an online visa system that issues electronic medical visas or short-stay visas, among other things, for medical visits. These digital technologies make it possible for travelers to get a medical visa quickly and easily, without going anywhere.
  • In other situations, a medical visa must be applied for in person at a diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate) of the country where the treatment will be provided.
 Tourists must complete a medical visa application form whether applying online or at an embassy.
The specific requirements for a medical visa vary from nation to nation.
To justify a medical visa, the following documents are generally required:
  • A doctor/hospital/medical professional provides a referral letter declaring that the person requires treatment in the destination country.
  • Appointment confirmation from a hospital or research center in the destination country.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for an Iran Medical Visa for Pakistani Nationals?

If you have a Pakistani passport, you can apply for an Iran Treatment Visa or Iran medical visa if you meet the following requirements:
  1. The strict objective for traveling to Iran is to receive medical treatment.
  2. The treatment facility selected is indeed a reputable hospital or healthcare center accredited by the Iranian government.
  3. As medical attendants, the patient will be accompanied by a maximum of two family members or close associates. Medical attendants will need to apply for a ‘Medical Attendant Visa’ separately.
Patients requiring neurosurgery, joint replacements, ocular diseases, renal disorders, cardiac issues, congenital disorders, organ transplantations, radiation therapy, plastic surgery, and gene therapy will be given preference for a medical visa.


Medical Visa Assistance by Iran Medical Tours

Iran Medical Tours gladly assists you in obtaining an Iran medical visa to travel to Iran from Pakistan.
We can provide you with:
  • Comprehensive Medical Treatment Comparison Plan
  • Assistance in obtaining a visa invitation letter to visit the recommended hospital for a visa
  • Schedule appointments with hospitals and doctors throughout Iran to get multiple medical opinions
  • Help with the hospital’s systems, billing, and payments
  • Organizing the best possible accommodation based on the patient’s budget
  • Easily access to an air ambulance facility for a medical patient with a critical condition
  • Coordinator for assistance to medical patients with multiple language supporters
  • Transportation facility for arrival and departure from the Airport to the Hospital with nominal prices
After arriving in Iran, registration and visa extensions are required.
Arrange your medical treatment process in Iran with us and GET YOUR VISA for FREE.
To learn more about the Iran visa application process and approval, please contact our team on Call / WhatsApp.
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