iran medical tourism process

How it works ?

Select treatment

Firstly the treatment or alternative treatment types must be decided on .during this stage you are totally free to contact us and ask question as much as you want .some treatment are not suitable for anyone so before traveling for those treatment , it would be best to have consultation in our home town .please share your medical data with our team so we can get doctor advise for your case. All the information you share with us will be kept confidential .
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Select services

You can select from our services opportunities , which include accommodation , transportation ,personal guidance , city tours , rent a car and more . for some of  treatments  you may choose from our inclusive packages in which hotel and transfer are included  feel free to ask .

Travel plan

After deciding on treatment and services , plan the times of your travel . we will arrange your reservation , transfers and everything accordingly . we will also send you a plan of your travel covering the daily schedule and final prices .
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Your journey

Start your journey with the highest expectation . we are trying our best to make you happy ,while providing the best treatments and services . we will be your side through out your treatment .

Post treatment

Follow up the post treatment requirements fulfilling the post treatment requirements and taking good care of yourself is part of treatment .please do not hesitate to contact us at this period .and finally please write your comments on the testimonial page  .we highly care about your thoughts .
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