Dr. Shahriar Azizi

Dr. Shahriar Azizi

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Name: Dr. Shahriar Azizi

Specialty: Minimal invasive surgery, Bariatric Surgery

Dr shahriyar azizi

Dr. Shahriar Azizi


About Dr Shariar Azizi

Dr. Shariar Azizi was born in 1978 and obtained his medical degree in 2004. He obtained a Certificate of Specialization in General Surgery in 2011 and his Subspecialty and Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery and Bariatric Surgery in 2016.

Dr. Shahriar Azizi is a hard working surgeon with big experience in bariatric surgery, like gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass and SASI surgeries with more than 3,000 surgery.

Dr. Azizi is a pioneer in endoscopic transaxillary thyroidectomy in Iran with more than 100 surgery of this type. He also has a huge experience in hernia surgery TAPP, TEP, IPOM and eTEP Rives.

Professional experience

  • Fellowship of minimal invasive surgery and bariatric surgery 2014 -2016
  • General surgeon 2011-2014
  • Residency of general surgery 2007-2011
  • General practitioner 2004 -2007

Procedure perform

  • Gastric sleeve
  • Gastric bypass
  • Mini gastric bypass
  • SASI surgery
  • Endoscopic transaxillary thyroidectomy
  • Hernia surgery
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