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Over 50 years of brilliant ability, service and experience.
With the advancement of medical science and the expansion of Iranian universities in the mid-1960s, as well as the increasing rate of information exchange and the return of educated Iranian physicians to the country from abroad, there was a growing need for the establishment of state-of-the-art modern medical centers. During the same period, encouraged by Dr. Abdollah Alikhani, renowned professors including Prof. Hasan Hashemian and Prof. Ebrahim Samiei, founded Jam Medical Group in an attempt to establish a new hospital with state-of-the-art technology. After the necessary investigations, a plot of land of approximately four thousand square meters was purchased near Abbas Abad Hills in close proximity to the newly constructed Takht-e Tavoos Street. The hospital construction mission was assigned to the Group Four Engineering Company, with Dr. Movahedi, Dr. Alikhani, and Dr. Farin in charge of overseeing the affairs. In September 1968, the construction of the hospital was officially initiated by the late Prof. Hassan Hashemian and Prof. Ebrahim Samiei.
The construction phase was completed in 1970. A year later, Jam Hospital, a nine-thousand-square-meter facility with 128 inpatient beds and three state-of-the-art operating rooms equipped with advanced radiology and cardiology equipment, became operational. With the efforts of the late Dr. Sadegh Nezammafi, Jam Hospital became the first private hospital in Tehran equipped with a radioisotope identification device; thus enabling the examination of then extremely prevalent thyroid diseases in Iran.
Shortly thereafter, a number of other renowned physicians in Tehran joined the core team of Jam Hospital; thus began the operation of a group of proficient specialists in a new and well-equipped environment at Jam Hospital in the early 1970s. The prominent individuals who established the firm foundations of Jam Hospital always believed in the sanctity of treating patients, prioritizing patient care and avoiding any form of maltreatment since the beginning. Today, after nearly half a century of ongoing effort and ever-increasing progress, the key to Jam Hospital success still lies in honoring patients and avoiding maltreatment.Today, following the footsteps of the founders of Jam Hospital and their good spirit, physicians are pleased to provide services to the esteemed patients.
In line with its agenda to provide world-class medical services to foreign patients, Jam Hospital opened its International Patients Department (IPD), which is aimed at facilitating the admission of and providing quality services to patients that come from foreign countries.
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