Gandi hospital

Ranking the biggest and the most equipped private treatment center in Iran and the Middle East, Gandhi Hotel-Hospital was founded in 2008 by a panel of national and international experts with the goals of providing diagnostic and treatment services and attracting health tourists. The reason why the name of Gandhi has been chosen is that it is located in a place with the same name. Besides, it alludes to ethical and humanistic principles of the great Gandhi. Furthermore, most of the shareholders of the Hotel-Hospital are faculty members of the top medical universities in Tehran. The very foundation of the hospital is based on providing a serene and not-like-ordinary-hospital kind of atmosphere to provide ease, comfort and satisfactions of the clients. .
Clinics : Urology  , Orthopedics , Otolaryngology , Neurology , Cardiology , eye , Diabetes , Dental , Skin, Hair and Beauty
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