Farshchian cardiovascular subspecialty medical center Hamadan

Farshchian cardiovascular subspecialty medical center  Provides specially and subspecialty cardiovascular services as well as cardiac surgery which makes it a unique medical center in the west of iran. This center is proud to stand amongst the most outstanding medical and paramedical education hubs around the country .
-the most equipped super-specialized cardiovascular center in the west part of iran
-being the best tourist spot of hamadan province
-obtaining the title of the top hospital in the province in accreditation code 247 ( acute myocardial infarction)
-physicians specializing in heart surgery/PACE MAKER /ABLATION
-special facilities ( CT-ANGIO128/Advanced CPR room/four completely separate operating rooms/portable echo and ultrasound devices in all section
Specialty and subspecialty cardiology and cardiac surgery clinics and non-invasive cardiology subspecialty diagnosis unit included emergency internal unit transthorasic echocardiography transesophagial echocardiography stress echocardiography pacemaker analysis cardiac stress holter monitoring tilt table test Gamma scanning Radiology and sonography laboratory cardiac rehabilitation CT-Angiography ASD closure with Device.
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