Corneal Transplant in Iran

Corneal Transplant in Iran

Corneal Transplant Surgery Package

Corneal transplantation is a surgery in which the damaged part of the patient’s cornea is removed and replaced with a new, healthy cornea.
Age Limit for Corneal Transplant Surgery Patients Should Be Older than 40 Years.

Corneal Transplant Surgical Procedure

Before corneal transplant surgery, some necessary pre-operative tests and eye examinations should be carried out. Usually, before the patient is hospitalized, the hospital communicates with the Eye Bank to reserve the cornea, but anyway, on the day of surgery, the suitable cornea for the corneal transplantation may not be available in the Eye Bank, and as a result, surgery is postponed to another day. The surgery is done under general anesthesia.

Duration of Your Stay in Iran

14-40 days, based on your ophthalmologist’s recommendation for follow-up visits.

Cost of Corneal Transplant in Iran

Corneal transplantation in Iran for one eye, with corneal tissue included, normally costs between 1400$ to $2500 and above (with a Femtosecond device).

Who Are NOT Good Candidates for Corneal Transplant Surgery

Patients who have no acute corneal problems; according to the diagnosis of an ophthalmologist.

Who Can Be Candidates for Corneal Transplant Surgery

People with untreatable corneal injuries

Pre-Operative Preparation

  1. Supply of corneal donor tissue
  2. Patient hospitalization
  3. Carrying out clinical trials and examinations

Post-Operative Care

  1.  Wear large sunglasses or eyeglasses with resistant glass to prevent damage to the eye.
  2. Avoid major contact sports such as wrestling, judo, and soccer where there is a chance of eye injuries.
  3. Avoid activities in which the eye may be poked, rubbed, or touched.
  4. When you are swimming or doing physical activities, be sure to wear protective eyewear.
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